Connect Programmable Logic Controllers to SQL databases
Published by Inasoft Systems GmbH


Connect Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) directly with SQL databases

The SQL4automation Connector is a software solution for industrial usage with PLC's directly access SQL databases via the connector. The PLC can query data from tables, insert, change and delete data in tables by using SQL commands. Moreover, database procedures can also be executed without a need for an OPC server. This enhances the performance, increases security and offers greater flexibility.

No project-specific adjustments are necessary at the connector as everything is programmed in the PLC. There are multiple complete libraries available for many controllers that you can include in your project instantly.

The SQL4automation Connector meets very high demands of reliability and performance. Since 2007 it has been constantly enhanced and optimized.

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Function block call

SQL query definition

Configuration tool


Query Tool


No middleware programmer necessary

With SQL4automation the programming of a middleware (SCADA, .Net, ...) is no longer necessary! No project specific adjustments are necessary at the connector; everything is programmed in the PLC.

Reduce complexity

Because the programming is only done in the PLC, complexity is reduced and changes can be done quickly by the PLC programmer.
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