IIoT Starter Pack 4.0

IIoT Starter Pack 4.0 to improve your industrial performance
Published by Schneider Electric


IIoT Starter Pack 4.0 is a ready to use solution to start your digital transformation



IIoT Starter Pack 4.0 is ready to use solution to enhance the performance of your industry.

It will drive and enhance the digital transformation of your business: collect and mesure your data, identify your own use case, improve your autonomy and enjoy the benefits of the the digital solutions.

This service includes:

  • Equipment pack -IIoT EdgeBox- ready to use without interruption of the production
  • Software pack : EcoStruxure™ Machine SCADA Expert, EcoStruxure™ Augmented Operator Advisor, EcoStruxure™ Machine Advisor, Aveva Insight and EcoStruxure™ Secure Connect Advisor.
  • 2 days of on site service support

IIoT Starter Pack 4.0


Data collection boosting
Speed up your production data collection by 50%
Workforce optimization
Increase your team capacity reducing the time of gathering information by 50%
Machine performance optimization
Optimize the performance of your machines by acting faster in deviation (OEE, MTTR, CNQ)
Remote action
Take action remotely on your machines safely with a cybersecured access