Caneco ONE

An all-in-one software suite for electrical engineering
Published by ALPI


Caneco ONE, a complete and collaborative software suite for electrical engineering, helping in design, operations and installation testing

Caneco ONE is a comprehensive software suite, which includes Caneco BT, Caneco HT, Caneco TCC, Caneco EP, Caneco BIM, Caneco Implantation, Office Elec and AutoCAD® OEM. With all modules working as one, the solution aims at meeting electrical engineering needs, allowing users to design, operate and test their installations.

With its wide array of applications, for industrial and commercial buildings to infrastructure and public lighting networks, perform tasks such as: 

  • Calculation and sizing
  • Circuit diagrams
  • BIM modeling
  • Costing of LV/HV equipment
  • It also accommodates for special requirements such as:

  • High voltage calculations
  • Total cascading selectivity analysis by time current curves (TCC)
  • Technology Partner

    Caneco ONE

    A complete and collaborative software suite


    Compatible with international standards

    Caneco ONE integrates up to 17 international standards (including NFC 15-100, HD 384 and IEC 60364, etc.) into its calculation software to enable you to work on global projects.

    Improve the quality of your studies, design, implementation and operation

    With the full integration of all its modules, Caneco ONE helps avoid time-consuming multiple entries while reducing the possibility of errors.

    Comprehensive solution

    With only one license, access our complete software range.
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