VLK Time Series Middleware Platform

Time Series Selfcare Middleware Platform


VLK Time Series Middleware Platform

VLK is a middleware platform that complements the functions of your SCADA. VLK stores, prepares and allows you to view your time series in a centralized full web universe, even if your supervisors are of different brands. The user is completely independent in the implementation and operation of the tool. Keyhops team are available to help him in these endeavours.

VLK Time Series Middleware Platform


Data storage

VLK is able to gather your stored data with powerful and selfcare APIs at IT platforms.

Cybersecure solutions

VLK has many Cybersecurity solutions including the Diode M580 PLC, developed with Schneider Electric.

Multiple monitoring solutions

We offer multiple solutions like Performance indicator calculation, Local Time Series Storage solution, Cloud Time Series Solution, Full Web real time monitoring and many more
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