EcoStruxure™ Facility Expert – Retail segment / HVAC

Operation and maintenance pocket app
Published by Schneider Electric
Starts at $5


  • HVAC monitoring and control
  • Operation task management

HVAC monitoring and control

  • See room/zone temperatures at a glance with helpful visualization
  • Limit local access to room controller and modify setpoints remotely
  • Access visualizations of air quality parameters (temperature, humidity, CO2 levels) across all store areas right from your office
  • Comply easily with comfort and air quality recommendations (ASHRAE 180 standard)
  • HVAC monitoring and control

    Operation task management

  • Avoid unnecessary trips to the field by controlling connected room controllers remotely (setpoints, operations sequences, unit mode)
  • Analyze issues from anywhere with remote access to HVAC machine parameters and the asset logbook
  • Share information with contractors, follow up on maintenance progress and anticipate seasonal workload peaks
  • Ensure the traceability of intervention (gas refrigerant loads for air conditioning units)
  • Operation task management
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