EcoStruxure™ Traceability Advisor - Track & Trace

Application for supply chain control and optimization
Published by Schneider Electric


Traceability, Transparency, Trust, Ethics, Authenticity
Manufacturers seek to control and optimize their entire supply chain to effectively combat illicit trade and improve their capacity to recall products in the event of a major issue.
Governments seek to ensure that taxes are collected and that laws and regulations are applied, asking for a reliable and secure capability to indicate whether a product on the market is authentic or counterfeit.
Distributors seek to maintain the integrity of their increasingly complex logistics and distribution networks, while effectively managing their stock transactional events.
Consumers are increasingly demanding transparency and access to product and production information, linking their trust to the brand loyalty.

EcoStruxure™ Traceability Advisor - Track & Trace is an enabler of transparent, trusted and ethical trade. We deliver scalable solutions for secure serialization, aggregation, track and trace, supply chain visibility, product recall and authentication.

EcoStruxure™ Traceability Advisor - Track & Trace


Ensure product authenticity & origin
Serialization & Aggregation allow to build a trusted "electronic passport" of each product, gathering data across the full supply chain.
Provide downstream traceability & visibility
A unique, secure and encrypted identification number is marked in each single item and a proper hierarchy of codes (parent-child relationship) is applied, aggregating the products in bundles, cases, pallets.
Comply regulations & standards
The innovative authentication / track & trace system offers the most effective solution on the market for securing products in large scale and across complex supply chain.
Enhanced customer experience
Consumers can access detailed information regarding their products, including their authenticity, provenance, ingredients, allergens, certifications and relevant product claims.

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