Digitizing quality inspection
Published by Scortex


Transform your quality inspection with Artificial Intelligence
We offer an automated defect detection and analytics platform to more accurately identify defective products in real time while improving overall plant profitability.

Entirely designed, built and maintained by our team & partners, Scortex solution integrates the necessary automation, lights, cameras, hardware, software, IoT and AI capabilities. Installed on your automated manufacturing line or stand-alone with a conveyor designed for your parts, our solution will detect, label, sort and actuate according to the defects learned from your quality control specialists. Scortex platform can be connected to your line automation system for custom scenarios.

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Learn once, deploy many times
Learn the defects in one factory and deploy globally. Standardize the quality standard in all factories and reduce conformity decision noise.
Integration to your environment
Inspection reports are automaticly generated for every product. Access to all your reports though our centralized quality center. Easily interfaced with your PLC, ERP and EMS.


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