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Create digital twin of your building
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Creation of digital twins of your buildings in a Google Street View Way

My Digital Buildings is a company specialized in buildings' digital transformation with the purpose to simplify the access and the treatment of spatial data. We also offer indoor localization and navigation through an image recognition based technology without any infrastructure to deploy.

How does it work?
We operate with the best 3D scanning technologies combined to 360° pictures taken every two meters. It is a fast process mainly based on mobile 3D scanning technologies (up to 20.000 sqm per day).
We are then able to create a digital twin of the building either as a BIM model or as web based model in which you can navigate in the Google Street View way (360° pictures are positioned on the point clouds).

Our solutions can be integrated in a third party solution such as a BIM platform, an ERP or a facility management software to visualize and access the spatial data.
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My Digital Buildings

Access the 3D data

Take accurate measurements based on the point cloud

Create point of interests with multimedia contents

Localization and indoor navigation


Virtually access your building

Our technology offers to access and navigate inside a building from a web browser. No need to spend time and money on traveling. The virtual building can be accessible to anyone who is allowed without being as an expert of 3D software.

Localize yourself and get indoor orientations

With our indoor localization and navigation, it becomes simpler to guide somebody (an employee, a subcontractor, a customer) on site and to provide him/her with useful information on its way such as an indoor GPS.

Simulate production, utilization of space or time planning

We generate 360° panoramic pictures and accurate point clouds that can be transformed into a 3D model of your building. This allows you to do different types of simulations.

Distance training

The digital twin of the building gives the possibility to train somebody by virtually accessing a space and getting contextual information.

Create Point of Interest inside the model

Create PoI easily to enrich your digital twin with contextual information that will appear on the panoramic pictures, in the 3D and on the floor plan.

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