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DMU Reviewer

DMU Reviewer is a powerful yet easy-to-use collaborative software solution for exploring and visualizing of large digital mock-ups. It provides quick design review opportunities to all stakeholders (engineering, manufacturing, quality control, etc.) by eliminating the need for original CAD system or software integration with PLM what is generally too expensive. Moreover, DMU Reviewer does not require any specific learnings, its intuitive user interface allows even non-engineers to collaborate on 3D assemblies and large-scale scenes.

With the software you can:
  • Take geometric dimensioning and tolerance (GD&T) measurements
  • Add notes to parts and sub shapes including text, document attachments, pictures
  • Filter data, search by parts’ specific attributes and use object color mapping capabilities for accelerated decision making
  • Create and manage clipping planes to explore the model inside
  • Use views feature to navigate to a previous observation position
  • Immerse yourself and fly through a large scale model as if on site
  • Use the solution on tablets in the absence of mobile network coverage
  • DMU Reviewer

    Asset Revamping

    Asset Revamping is a powerful client-server web application providing quick access to realistic, interactive and easy-to-use 3D data (CAD, point cloud, BIM) for unlimited number of stakeholders across worldwide locations. Asset Revamping is a fully-fledged collaborative tool allowing not only viewing huge assets of massive 3D data while working iteratively, but also commenting, filtering, highlighting critical areas in a scene, taking measurements, simulating different scenarios, etc.

    Asset Revamping is the best solution for geographically dispersed teams when people from different locations need to quickly access industrial projects for day-to-day operations: design review, preparation of maintenance jobs or security team interventions, quality control, etc.

    With the software you can:

  • Explore point cloud, CAD and BIM within one scene
  • Collaborate on massive 3D data in the web review, analyze, annotate, take measurements, search, etc
  • Edit and arrange scenes using moving, cropping, adding and other features
  • Perform collision detection and management
  • Simulate, record and play back maintenance operations, interventions planning, work instructions, training, etc
  • Walk through a large scale 3D model using Virtual Reality mode
  • Contrast as designed vs as built vs as operated information
  • Create digital twin by aggregating data from various sources around 3D representation
  • Organize and centralize your 3D data storage
  • Asset Revamping

    CAD Processor

    CAD Processor is a powerful software solution allowing preparation and simplification of 3D reference data for dedicated downstream applications. It offers a vast set of accurate, robust and efficient algorithms for effective repair and simplification of CAD parts and assemblies, exporting the data for the downstream use in the most convenient form.

    CAD Processor offers a rich palette of 3D transformation operators aimed to prepare existing Digital Mock-Ups (DMUs) for downstream engineering use. With the software you can:

  • Optimize CAD data using dozens of algorithms
  • Streamline CAD clean up by detecting and healing errors
  • Automate 3D data preparation tasks with batch processing
  • Interact with CAD and mesh data within one scene
  • Get access to the native (as designed) product hierarchy and the ability to optimize its full scene tree with all metadata
  • Navigate and learn with the help of intuitive GUI
  • Perform sheet metal operations by a set of related features
  • Save time and money working with nearly all top CAD formats
  • CAD Processor

    Solutions and Services

    Whether you are maintaining industrial facility, managing manufacturing or any technological processes, designing a new product or marketing it, having 3D at hand is crucial today. Open Cascade lets Digital Transformation of industries deliver added value through the use of proprietary 3D technologies. Depending on a business need, Open Cascade can create an end-to-end tailor-made software solution based on one of or on a combination of its key assets: Open-source Core, Commercial Platform, End-user Products and Services.

    The range of Open Cascade services includes:

  • Custom Software Development – specific development of one of a kind turn-key software from scratch intended to meet customers’ unique needs. Open Cascade offers flexible development and licensing approaches and is ready to use technology stack defined by customer.
  • Software Customization - tailoring Open Cascade products to specific customer's workflow. This kind of services may include software development, configuration and (or) maintenance.
  • Integrated Software Solutions - having Open Cascade Commercial Platform at hand allows reducing costs and speeding up the development process. After all, most of company’s work comes down to connecting the dots; and at the output it provides customer with a complete solution.
  • Consulting, Trainings and Support – Open Cascade offers various support options for users of its proprietary technology, products and custom solutions.
  • Solutions and Services
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