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3D end-user products and tailor-made solutions
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Digital 3D Solutions

Open Cascade, a Capgemini innovative trademark, is a software development company which is laser-focused on digital transformation of industries through the use of 3D technologies.

Open Cascade offers a wide range of high-performance proprietary 3D software tools both open-source and commercial. The first ones have been developed, maintained and continuously improved since 2000.

Moreover, Open Cascade expands its portfolio by offering end-user industrial software products and delivering software customization and integration services.

Open Cascade stands out for:

  • Proprietary breakthrough 3D technologies
  • Unique time-proven programming and mathematical expertise
  • Tailor-made solutions based on ready-to-use technologies and custom services
  • Ability to work with extra-large 3D data
  • Highly scalable capacities
  • Web, Server (Enterprise), Cloud, Mobile or Desktop solutions
  • Open Cascade


    Commercial platform

    It is an integrated state of the art 3D technology, which is used both in end user products and for building efficient added value solutions tailored to each client’s needs


    We also offer custom software development, integrated software solutions, software customization and consulting, training and additional support features

    International Footprint

    Open Cascade international team is capable to undertake challenges of any complexity and to ensure the ultimate satisfaction of customers.
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