PICC Software

Collective intelligence using AI and IIoT
Published by PICC SOLUTION


Extract information from various sources and bring actionable knowledge to your workforce in 26+ languages

PICC Software is a turnkey augmented intelligence solution which makes individual, collective and artificial intelligence work in symbiosis to unlock value creation at all levels of your organization.

With PICC Software, your people can:

  • Get an easy access to all your company’s knowledge
  • Be guided in complex problem analysis
  • Be supported in their decision-making process
  • PICC Software


    Increase productivity

    Our platform breaks down communication silos and builds bridges between the physical and digital worlds to increase the competitiveness, creativity and agility of industrial companies. It allows any staff member to dig into all the available knowledge in order to solve daily issues. It also capitalizes on human know-how to model the main competitive asset of companies: business expertise.
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