PICC Software

Collective intelligence using AI and IIoT
Published by PICC SOLUTION


  • Skills and competencies management
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Innovation management

Skills and competencies management

PICC Software is a knowledge management platform, designed to increase productivity within your teams, as well as a human resources management tool providing direct access to all the talents of your organization.

PICC Software allows you to go beyond knowledge management by identifying the skills that most contribute to your performance and by fostering commitment.

With PICC Software, the best of your human capital serves your collective intelligence in order to help your company thrive and your brand to shine.

Skills and competencies management
Realtime knowledge sharing
  • Use any mobile device to capture and share knowledge
  • Automatically extract knowledge from any written document
  • Use virtual and augmented reality to interact with workers
  • Automatic translation in more than 26 languages

Predictive maintenance

PICC Software also offers exclusive functionalities designed to build up relevant predictive models in a short period of time, while improving productivity from the first day on.

Two-way IoT connectivity
PICC Software integrates data collected from sensors in real time and remotely controls actuators.

Automatic search of solutions in documentation
PICC Software can search and extract from any document the content that can help solve a particular problem.

Solutions ranking
PICC Software automatically analyzes the performance of each solution, using a multi-criteria scoring method, to highlight the best one.

Benefit/risk analysis
PICC Software can automatically identify a solution for a problem. It can also help identify whether this new solution will generate additional problems.

Dynamic support in problem solving
PICC Software can generate sequential procedures and include logical functions in such procedures, so as to properly guide the user on the particular situation.
Predictive maintenance
Event based maintenance
  • Multiple parameters from various sources are analysed. Actions are automatically triggered.

Innovation management

PICC Software is an idea management platform as well as an innovation engineering software. It uses a problem/solution approach to recommend incremental or disruptive evolution projects and to increase the number of marketable innovations. With PICC Software, you can manage your innovation process from end to end, efficiently and profitably.
Innovation management
Boost ideation
  • Generate ideas for increment innovation
  • Anticipate disruptive evolutions
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