iVisionmax-Secure VMS Connector

DCS/PLC Alarm to Video Management System(VMS)


  • Multiple Protocol Support
  • Cybersecurity
  • Additional customised interfaces

Multiple Protocol Support

Although the current version is developed for modbus communication with the DCS/SCADA, in case a different communication protocol is required to interface with the control system or other types of controllers, the same can be made available upon request. Additional standard protocols such as OPC, SNMP and more, are supported by this software.

Similarly, Generic events/Telnet protocol is available in the current version to interface with the VMS system. However, in case the VMS system supports other protocols, the same can be made available upon request. Additional standard protocols such as SSH, SQL and more, are supported.


The software is compliant to the major cybersecurity requirements and is fully protected. All the data and setting files are encrypted as per standard practices applicable. All configurations and settings are password protected.

The communication port configuration of the software can be set based on the organization's Cybersecurity policies and firewall settings.

Additional customised interfaces

In case either the VMS system or the DCS/SCADA system does not support standard open protocols, customised communication interface can be developed using the SDK/APIs or other modes for integration. This customised interface development will need further interaction with the customer. For more details, please click Contact Us.

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