iVisionmax-Secure VMS Connector

DCS/PLC Alarm to Video Management System(VMS)


Unified operation of Control System and Security Surveillance System

This software interfaces the Control System with the VMS(Video Management System) or Security & Surveillance systems, enabling asset safety information from the control system to be pushed to a VMS system for facilitating situational awareness and security operations. It allows the control system operator to initiate pre-configured actions in VMS system.

One of the use-cases is the integration of the Fire and Gas system with the VMS system. iVisionmax-Secure Connector is programmed to poll the Alarms and Events from the F&G/DCS system over standard Modbus protocol and trigger the same event to the VMS System in the form of generic events.

This alarm in the VMS will carry out pre-configured action to move the position of the nearest PTZ(Pan-Tilt-Zoom) camera towards the fire zone, thereby it provides the operator with a real time view of the area and organizes an evacuation sequence in the integrated security system.

This solution is compatible with Milestone, HIKCentral and more.

iVisionmax-Secure VMS Connector


Quick setup and configuration

Setup the IP addresses and communication ports of DCS and VMS systems, along with the modbus addresses configured in the DCS on a simple configuration screen. No other programming, coding nor configuration is required. Excel based configuration is also available as an option.

Situational awareness and monitoring

Trigger PTZ camera movement toward fire zone, based on Fire and Gas system alarm and events. DCS can operate the PTZ camera for equipment monitoring, zoom camera to an asset such as motor, compressor and more, based on alarm status of that asset.

Safety operations from control system

Initiate plant evacuation sequence from the integrated security and surveillance system, based on F&G signal and ensure people's safety during emergency shutdown sequence.

Interface to physical security systems

Upon alarm in an emergency scenario, the DCS can operate the physical security equipment such as Barriers, Sliding gates and Turnstiles, based on Operator’s requirement. They are traditionally only interfaced to the VMS system, thereby operator actions can be optimized.

Optimize bandwidth utilization

The communication network is optimized by initiating video recording through the VMS with improved framerate(fps), only when alarms are raised in the DCS that is caused by a customer’s asset or equipment.
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