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Commercial portfolio management software
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Centralising portfolio wide Commercial Real Estate data sets for continuous monitoring

arbn estates is a valuable decision support tool through which, investment decision can be better informed.
arbn estates helps real property asset managers to direct & allocate energy performance investment improvements to meet both legislative requirements and market demand.

The platform provides enhanced understanding of the relationship between building energy models and EPC (Energy Performance Certificates) rating & score, which can equate to capital expenditure savings and investment planning.

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arbn estates


Highlights ‘at legislative risk’ assets.

arbn estates can be used to highlight ‘at legislative risk’ assets and at potential future legislative. As legislation increases, the impact of EPCs on real property transactions and understanding building energy modelling has become & will become central to the decision making process. By using arbn estates, you view your entire portfolio at a glance, increase transparency and efficiently target energy performance improvements and manage MEES (Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards) risk.

Integration with arbn consult

Integrated with our arbn consult software, arbn estates will allow you to interrogate the EPC, from looking at how the assessor has put together the zoning information, to construction type and HVAC systems.

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