Alarm Management Software Suite
Published by MAC Solutions (UK) Ltd


Does your plant generate too many alarms?

Plants that generate excessive alarms are often not running at optimal efficiency and may create operator stress that leads to poor decision making. Plants that operate outside International guidelines on alarm rates often run outside their optimal efficiency and operating envelope.

ProcessVue provides key personnel with clear, relevant and prioritised detailed alarm information in order that you can perform system improvements to increase the efficiency, safety and reliability of the plant.

ProcessVue Suite is designed to meet the requirements of a broad range of industries, including Oil & Gas, Power Generation, Water, Wastewater, Chemical, Pharmaceutical and general manufacturing.

The software is powerful, yet simple to use at all levels providing operational intelligence for both the control and board room addressing full IEC62682 / ISA 18.2 and EEMUA 191 standards.



Increase plant safety, performance and reliability
Ensure your operators spend their time managing your plant, not just servicing alarms
Manage alarms for the lifetime of your asset
Ensure you have only the alarms you need to operate your plant safely and effectively, and keep track of change throughout the lifecycle
Measure and reduce operator workload
Identify and resolve alarm problems, so your operator’s working environment becomes less stressful
Reduce downtime and increase profits
Minimise unnecessary plant trips by identifying the root causes of problems. Make your plant work for you
Benchmarking alarm performance against global standards
Use powerful tools to easily and quickly compare your alarm system’s performance against the standards and your aspirations documented in your Alarm Philosophy
Consolidates alarm and event data
As all your alarm and event data are in one place, problem resolution and incident investigations are simple and quick
Secure your data
Our products feature digital signatures, so you can see if your data has become corrupted or been tampered with
Web-based clients means easy roll-out and reduced maintenance costs
Our core application software resides in one location on your network; making installation and updates a breeze. Your IT department will love you for this.