pipe::scan for EcoStruxure™ WWW

Online water quality monitoring sensor system
Published by scan Messtechnik GmbH


Innovative drinking water quality monitoring in the network

By combining Industry 4.0 standard IEC 61499 with online UV/VIS spectroscopy feed, forward coagulation control gets less complex and therefore more affordable and less prone to error. S::can quality sensors measure the quality parameters and the output signals are sent to the Schneider Electric RTU. Remote monitoring, analytics, and visualization is provided by Schneider Electric’s AVEVA Insight (over Azure). Mercury Cipher ensures secure communications, remote access, network security, authentication, authorization and user account management and security monitoring overall infrastructure on a centralized console.

The pipe::scan is a sensor system for monitoring drinking water quality in pipes under pressure. It measures up to 10 parameters in one device: TOC, DOC, UV254, Turbidity, Color, Chlorine, pH/Redox, Conductivity, Temperature and Pressure. The water quality data can be sent to any central database via almost any protocol. Multiple pipe::scans are the ideal solution to monitor drinking water at any point in the network.

pipe::scan for EcoStruxure™ WWW


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