Stormshield Network Security

The cybersecurity solution dedicated to industrial systems
Published by Stormshield


  • OT Firewall
  • IPS / Industrial protocols
  • IPS / Custom patterns

OT Firewall

Stormshield Network Security is a next-generation firewall. Its optimized integrated intrusion prevention engine uses the deep packet inspection technology to analyze the whole communication, up to the application layer, and check it against the underlying protocol specification, the applied configuration, and known vulnerabilities.

Stormshield Network Security features are available on the whole products range and can be managed centrally from the same centralized management platform Stormshield Management Center. The product range includes a ruggedized and DIN-railed appliance, the SNi40, which is the only OT firewall with First Level Security Certification (CSPN) delivered by ANSSI (the french national security agency).

OT Firewall

IPS / Industrial protocols

Developed within Stormshield Network Security’s operating system, the IPS engine offers real-time analysis of different traffic flows, including OT communications (Profinet, Modbus, S7, UMAS...).

It does not cut nor copy, either the data or the exchanges between the operating system and the detection software. The architecture is tailored to optimize performance and is particularly effective at high throughput levels or where absence of latency is a critical factor.

IPS / Custom patterns

Developed on top of Stormshield Network Security’s operating system, the custom patterns feature offers the possibility to create personalized signature tailored to the specific industrial network communication for the specific assets to protect.

These signatures will allow you to limit the communications to what is predefined, and will raise an alarm and block if a communication is beyond what was allowed.

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