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Continuous Availability for Critical Applications
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Affordable, easy-to-manage software to support your always-on applications

Most enterprises today run a variety of mixed workloads, with different levels of business criticality. Smarter organizations are sizing and designing their IT infrastructure to match the availability requirements of their applications, and paying for just what they need. Fault-tolerant systems for those applications that must run 24x7x365. Highly available systems where up to 4 hours of downtime might be acceptable. everRun simplifies the process of meeting your changing availability requirements. A highly versatile, yet affordable continuously available software solution, everRun combined with industry standard x86 systems quickly and easily protects your virtualized workloads and data. Use everRun to rapidly and cost effectively deliver the levels of continuous availability you need, when and where you need them.
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Stratus everRun


Protect your corporate data

Eliminate data corruption and data loss. Software-based check-pointing protects both replicated and in-flight data.

Ensure business continuity

Replicate applications and data at multiple metro area sites to protect against building-wide disaster.

Customize your availability environment

Easily adjust the availability level of each Virtual Machine to meet your changing requirements and SLAs.

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