Telepace Studio

Standard SCADAPack Relay Ladder Logic
Published by Schneider Electric


  • Custom Ladder Logic functions
  • Communication
  • On-line functionality
  • Off-line development
  • Concurrent C/C++ code execution
  • Customizable workspace

Custom Ladder Logic functions

Telepace Studio combines the simplicity of traditional ladder logic with the flexibility and power of custom functions. Users familiar with ladder logic programming techniques and elements such as contacts, coils and timers can easily progress to the more advanced SCADA functions that are available with SCADAPack Smart RTUs.

Custom Ladder Logic functions


Telepace Studio supports a variety of communication media and protocols over the Computer-To-Smart RTU link.

Communication media include:

  • Direct-wired (RS232/485 and USB)
  • Dial-up
  • Leased-line
  • Licensed and spread-spectrum radio
  • Ethernet TCP/IP on Ethernet port-equipped RTUs
  • Supported protocols include:

  • Serial Modbus™ (RTU and ASCII)
  • DF1
  • DNP3, DNP3/TCP and DNP3/UDP
  • Modbus/TCP and Modbus/UDP
  • Modbus (RTU and ASCII) in TCP and UDP
  • On-line functionality

    Telepace Studio provides remote or local on-line editing and monitoring of ladder logic programs. Minor changes to the ladder logic code can be made online. This ensures that only the new code is written to the Smart RTU and not the entire application.

    Program execution can be monitored in real time with logic powerflow displayed on the logic network itself. I/O database variable values are conveniently displayed in the register editor view where custom lists of variables are easily created.

    Process variables controlled by the ladder logic code can be forced to predetermined values. This simplifies code debugging in the absence of actual input process values, or when temporarily removing a process input from service for maintenance purposes.

    Off-line development

    Developing ladder logic code is quick and easy using the built-in editing features of Telepace Studio. These include copy-and-paste to copy code fragments or entire networks, special configuration views for complex function blocks, and the use of subroutines to compartmentalize sections of code.

    Important logic documentation can be appended to the network where the logic resides, to make code more understandable for future users. Tag names can be assigned to individual I/O database points to further enhance code readability.

    Concurrent C/C++ code execution

    For additional programming power, Telepace Studio applications can execute in the SCADAPack Smart RTU concurrently with C/C++ code. Process data generated in either application can be passed to the other through a common I/O database.

    For example, the results of complex mathematical algorithms implemented calculated in C/C++ can be used by the Telepace Studio application to control the process.

    In a typical oil and gas application, Schneider Electric’s Realflo™ gas flow computer handles the gas flow calculation and logging functions with C/C++ code. A concurrently-executing Telepace Studio application handles the remainder of the well site automation and communication duties which could include the control of equipment such as pumps and motor starters.

    Customizable workspace

    Telepace Studio program information and Smart RTU settings are organized in viewing panes on the workspace canvas.

    When debugging multiple projects at the same time, such as a master and slave application, multiple instances of Telepace Studio may run concurrently to allow simultaneous debugging of each project.

    Customizable workspace
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