Telepace Studio

Standard SCADAPack Relay Ladder Logic
Published by Schneider Electric


Relay Ladder Logic for Standard SCADAPack Smart Remote Terminal Units (RTU)

Telepace™ Studio provides an easy-to-use programming environment to develop ladder logic applications for the standard SCADAPack™ family of Smart Remote Terminal Units (RTUs).

It is a powerful tool for developing, debugging, monitoring and documenting ladder logic programs. Standard SCADAPack Smart RTUs can execute ladder logic and C/C++ logic code simultaneously, providing you with maximum flexibility in implementing your control strategy.

The current version of Telepace Studio included for download is: 5.4.1.

Telepace Studio


Easy-to-use programming editor
Telepace Studio provides a user-friendly environment in which to create, configure and download SCADAPack Smart RTU ladder logic control code.It allows engineers and electricians to quickly and efficiently develop analog and digital control sequences, configure PID process control, create data logs, calculate flow totals, and perform communication functions.
Custom SCADA-centric feature set
Telepace Studio offers a comprehensive set of user-configurable features and functions that are tailored specifically for remote SCADA and telemetry applications.