Self-Service Advanced Analytics Tool
Published by Pepite


Optimize your process

A powerful web application to optimize: energy efficiency, productivity, product quality, yield, maintenance. Our data mining tool, DATAmaestro, has been designed by engineers for engineers: no extensive advanced analytics knowledge is required. DATAmaestro is user-friendly. It integrates a full-stack of tools from data collection and storage tools through to advanced analytics models, visualization and dashboarding.



Easy-to-use collaborative web-based analytics platform.
Enables self-service cloud analytics, no coding required.
Extensive set of machine learning algorithms fitting industry.
Interfaces collecting existing data (Historians, PLC, DCS, SCADA, IoT).
Data streaming automatically updates analytics workflow. Web API allows easy integration with other applications.
Instantaneous deployments of models in web based dashboards.
Available on cloud or on-premise.