Relaxc - Critical Process Loop Control - Trial version

Generic controller for all your processes via EcoStruxure™ Control Expert
Published by Appedge


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  • Relaxc trial information

Plug and control

Relaxc can be applied for tuning almost all the kind of processes that include non-minimal phase, small and large pure delay, unstable processes, variable static gain, strongly non-linearities, constraints on MV(Urelaxc), speed saturation, discontinuities, load disturbances and more.

With respect to all the family of PID, MPC (Model Predictive Control), adaptive or auto-tuning control, fuzzy logic, feed forward structure and all the other control laws, Relaxc provides faster commissioning time, improve rejection of perturbations and set point response.

Plug and control

Relaxc trial information

This package is a trial version. It allows you to evaluate the possibilities of Relaxc functionalities. The trial version is limited to 5 hours of continuous operation. To restart Relaxc trial version or to reset the time counter, transfer your PLC in the module.

Trial version contains Relaxc library demonstration and a simulator with different file formats. For more information, please contact Appedge.
Hardware platform compatibility
  • stu file version 14.1
  • xef file ( exchange)
  • zef file
  • All version of EcoStruxure™ Control expert
  • Modicon M340, Momentum, M580, Quantum and Premium
Relaxc trial information
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