Relaxc - Critical Process Loop Control - Trial version

Generic controller for all your processes via EcoStruxure™ Control Expert
Published by Appedge


The next generation of process control

Relaxc is a control expert law in a simple Elementary Function Block (EFB). Whatever the complexity your processes has, Relaxc allows you to tune any process control loop with just 5 simple auto-tuning graphic rules in order to achieve optimal control performance without any complex mathematics analysis. Relaxc works with EcoStruxure™ Control Expert.

This trial version allows you to evaluate the possibilities of Relaxc during 5 hours of continuous operation. (More information in Features)

Relaxc - Critical Process Loop Control - Trial version

Response without overshoot with the best dynamic of the split range process with 2 pneumatic valves.


Maximum performance with a single block

Relaxc is an online controller that easily tunes the basic physical characteristics of the process to control without any rules of thumb and complex control theory. Just a single block allows you to control a wide range of process with remarkable effectiveness.

Improve predictive and preventive maintenance

As Relaxc parameters are clearly discernible and identifiable, it is possible to predict the time response in closed loop or the disturbance rejection time, which contributes to predictive maintenance improvement. Furthermore, Relaxc is able to perform an active fault tolerant control by trajectory re-planning against actuator faults, saturation, dead zones, discontinuities and more.

Less process waste

Relaxc’s mathematics provides robust stability, set point tracking without overshoot and adaptation or dynamical compensation of the disturbances. Relaxc minimizes the energy peak when you change set point to improve asset sustainability.

Save CPU time

With low computing cost (10 arithmetic operations), lower than PID with anti windup, and saturation rules or other control laws, we can implement as many Relaxc as we wish in a computer without overload the CPU time.

Save engineering time and reduce commissioning times

The tuning by Relaxc provides an immediate comprehensive solution for process automation with no complex mathematics. Relaxc is the key to reduce complexity, improve efficiency and save development time.
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