EcoStruxure™ OPC UA Server Expert

More secure, open, high performance IIoT communications platform
Published by Schneider Electric


OPC UA communications platform for industrial devices and Modicon PLCs

EcoStruxure™ OPC UA Server Expert is a state of the art OPC UA communications platform linking industrial devices and Modicon PLCs to the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

Building on the field-proven device integration layer of OPC Factory Server (OFS), EcoStruxure™ OPC UA Server Expert updates legacy ‘OPC Classic’ communications, provided by OFS, with scalable OPC UA connectivity. It helps to maintain more robust and secure integration with current and legacy Schneider Electric third-party field devices.

The OPC UA standard defines a modern, open, cyber secure and reliable communications architecture for industrial communications.

Note: This is a demo version which is valid for 3 days only. After this period, please contact your sales representative or press "Contact us".

EcoStruxure™ OPC UA Server Expert


Efficiency and profitability

Gain direct real-time insight into your process to improve financial performance and connect workers to operational data to improve fault finding, decision making and support continuous improvement.

Reliability and performance

Lower engineering overhead reduce time to production and minimized project risk and support effective operation and maintenance of capital assets.

Safety and security

Connect process and safety systems and protect your people, assets and the environment and ensure business continuity, data integrity and confidentiality.
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