OPC Factory Server (OFS)

Fast, simple & open communication to field devices
Published by Schneider Electric


OPC Server application providing communication with Modicon, Modbus devices and more

The OFS product (OPC Factory Server) is a multi-controller data server which is able to communicate with PLCs of the M580, Unity Momentum, TSX/PCX Premium, Quantum, M340, TSX Compact, TSX Micro, TSX Momentum, TSX Series 7, and TSX S1000 families to supply the OPC “client” software applications, such as supervisors/SCADA and customized interfaces.

This server application is standard compliant and allows an open, real time access to Schneider Electric automation and electrical distribution devices, which are connected to Ethernet networks, or fieldbuses.

It supports concurrent multi-device comms and the simultaneous use of multiple communication protocols. It also provides client applications with a set of services for accessing control system devices, via a physical address or symbols. OFS enables simpler, more open and available comms between your software applications and your field devices.

OPC Factory Server (OFS)


Enhanced connectivity

Based on the OPC protocol, OFS (OPC Factory Server) software enables Windows client applications to access Modicon PLC data in real time.

Better communication

Communication between your software applications and your hardware becomes simple and clear.

Improved view

Access to key information, open interface, transparent architecture and interoperability are just some of the advantages providing a real communication solution at the heart of your process.
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