Advanced Analytics Training Program

Acquire advanced analytics skills!
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  • e-Learning with Advanced Analytics Platform
  • DATAmaestro Advanced Analytics Platform
  • More Features

e-Learning with Advanced Analytics Platform

Acquire Advanced Analytics skills and tackle industrial challenges such as optimization of energy consumption, productivity, product quality and maintenance

Collect, Store and Explore your data
Program 1 : You will learn how to upload your data file to DATAmaestro, explore your parameters in the database, view some statistics, trends and export your data to create an Analytics project

Analyze and Predict
Program 2 : You will learn how to make a basic analysis of your data. You will create functions, temporal curve, scatter plot, box plot, histogram, gap analysis and CUSUM.
Program 3 : You will learn how to make a advanced analysis of your data. You will create discretized attribute, discretized time attribute, set your preferences, create attribute sets, dendrograms, learning and testing sets, linear regression, decision tree, extra tree, PRIM analysis.

  • Monitor and Optimize
  • Program 4 : You will learn how to create static dashboards to monitor your plant performance.
    e-Learning with Advanced Analytics Platform

    DATAmaestro Advanced Analytics Platform

    Self-service Advanced Analytics tool

    Designed by engineers for engineers, DATAmaestro integrates a full-stack of powerful tools to implement a complete Advanced Analytics workflow in a process plant. Easily accessible key features include data collection and storage, data preparation and visualization tools, machine learning algorithms and real-time dashboards.

  • DATAmaestro Lake
  • DATAmaestro Lake acts as a high-performing centralized historian for ETL. Store and merge data from multiple data sources via DATAmaestro Collectors or direct upload. Visualize and explore data, trends, statistics. Easily prepare and sample data for Advanced Analytics.

  • DATAmaestro Analytics
  • DATAmaestro Analytics offers to industries a comprehensive environment for machine learning. Clean, visualize and explore data using histograms, scatter plots, trends, box plots, clustering and more. Transform data to compute comprehensive KPIs. Then model and diagnose plant performance using machine learning algorithms tailored for industry including Decision Trees, Random Forests, Artificial Neural Networks, Clustering and more. DATAmaestro Analytics also includes highly-specialized AI methods for asset health monitoring and plant optimization.

  • DATAmaestro Dashboards
  • Dashboard widgets provide easy-to-interpret visualization tools for real-time monitoring of process performance and asset health. Thanks to the combined DATAmaestro layered web services, calculate real-time analytics and AI models to monitor, detect and correct performance drifts. DATAmaestro Dashboards offer continuous decision support and recommendation tools to help optimize performance. Dashboards can be easily designed depending on end-user requirements to offer real-time decision support for operators, engineers & monthly reports for management.
    DATAmaestro Advanced Analytics Platform

    More Features

    With access to an additional data set from a variety of industries, you can follow a tutorial and test your skills after the training.
    More Features
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