Antisurge Control Application

Integrated antisurge control for compressors


Integrated compressor control requires less systems, reducing Total Cost of Ownership

Control-Care's Antisurge Control Application (ACA) protects multistage and parallel turbo compressors from surge, efficiently and reliably. Control-Care’s method of accurately defining the surge line allows you to set the control safety line for optimum surge protection, without unnecessary recycling or blow-off.

ACA is an embedded function block in Schneider Electric's process control system. Want to replace or upgrade your obsolete compressor control systems? Integrating them with process control system or DCS that functions with compressor antisurge controls, has multiple benefits as below.

Antisurge Control Application


One integrated system

Integrating all turbomachinery and related instrumentation in one system allows you to view the same information from every control screen around the plant. Training and knowledge can just focus on one system.

Better life cycle management

Upgrade requirements are driven by the main process control system and follow a consistent path driven by Schneider Electric's life cycle policy, rather than any other sub-systems. This improves your obsolescence management and life cycle management.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

The support required is available through the existing Schneider Electric support channels. There is no need for third party system support that is costly in general.

Independence of OEM

ACA is turbomachinery manufacturer (OEM) independent. You can use the same antisurge control solution for each process compressor in your plant, or even in your global organisation.

Single hardware platform

One single hardware platform provides smaller footprint (e.g. off-shore space limits).

Single time stamp

Alarming and sequence of events are supported by a common time stamp.
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