X-Force E-Logbook

Digitization and automation software for industrial logbooks


Digitize your manual logbook entry with industry's best E-Logbook solution

In every industry there are series of manual operational activities happens on a daily basis. The orthodox process of data logging, shift handover, step by step process visualization are time consuming that requires more manual work which includes paper, MS word, spreadsheet and other applications. Such time consuming and prone to error method put the industry at risk and reduces its efficiency.

X-Force E-Logbook by SSM InfoTech Solutions Pvt. Ltd is the ideal solution being used by major industries in India. X-Force E-Logbook is proven solution to be effectively used by the engineers of all different segments like operation, production, maintenance, engineering & plant laboratories.

X-Force E-Logbook has proved it’s outstanding presence at the major industries like Indian Oil Corporation Limited, Gas Authority India Limited, Rallis India Limited (a TATA Enterprise), Micro Inks Ltd (Huber Group) & many more.

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X-Force E-Logbook

Location Bounded Accuracy

Real Time Process Awareness

Reporting and Analytics Dashboards

Advance Workflow Visualisation


Digitization of manual activities

X-Force E-Logbook helps you convert your day to day manual activities like operator rounds, manual logbook entries, pre-process verification, visual inspection / PM activities.

Customized logbook as per user requirement

The logbooks are completely customizable as per the user requirement whether its logbook for managing operations or for managing manufacturing process.

Wide visibility of log data

Logs can be exchanged between departments easily.

Shift handover

Shift handovers are made seamlessly and error free with with X-Force E-Logbook.

Android and web accessibility

E-Logbook solution comes with android and web based accessibility, so data capturing and monitoring can be flexible and separated.

Real-time logging

Logging with real time slots resolves the issue of mistime/delay in data input.

Save time and increase accuracy

Reduce the employee workload by reducing the manual work and risk of errors by automating various process.

Physical tracking

E-Logbook can be integrated with GPS and RFID based technology which ensures that operator is going to specific location (on time).
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