EcoStruxure™ Control Expert - Modicon Communications Server

Configure Modicon PAC Communications direct from Aveva System Platform
Published by Schneider Electric


  • Communication server
  • Controller configuration
  • System platform access
  • Security Settings
  • Diagnostics

Communication server

Modicon Communication Server installs a service version of EcoStruxure™ OPC Server Expert to manage the communications with Modicon PAC controllers. This enables users to gain access to all variables within the controller by name rather than needing to assign variables an address.
Communication server
Server Management
  • The engineer can manage the operation of the communication server from System Management Console. Selecting the Modicon Communication Server node the engineer can start, stop or restart the server via a drop down menu. User can import devices previously configured in OFS DA to Modicon Communication Server.

Controller configuration

Modicon PAC controllers (M340, M580) are configured by adding them below the communication server node. Each PAC controller requires only its IP address(es) be configured to enable communication.
Controller configuration
Advanced Settings
  • Additional settings to control the operation of the OPC Server are available for each controller. These parameters are set by default to provide optimal general operation but can be customized to meet specific site needs.
  • Adjustment information's are automatically tuned based on the controller type and model selected (M340, M580). This ensure settings are tuned to provide optimized communication.

System platform access

The values of variables within the controllers are made available via the OI Server using an OPC-UA client. The configuration of the OPC-UA link is simplified by its co-location with the Modicon Communications Server.
Simple Configuration
  • The IP Address and Server for the OPC-UA client are pre-configured by the location of the server and also displayed as a property of the Modicon Communication Server for making configuration simple.
System platform access

Security Settings

By default the Modicon Communication Server is configured with security enabled. User just need to enter the credentials for the logged user in the OI Gateway connection node for completing the security configuration.
Security Settings


Modicon Communications Server provides diagnostic information from the OPC Server Expert service within the System Management Console. If the engineer selects the diagnostics tab the system will display diagnostic information for all controllers defined within the server.
  • The engineer can define the level of diagnostic information displayed and logged.
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