EcoStruxure™ Control Expert - Modicon Communications Server

Configure Modicon PAC Communications direct from Aveva System Platform
Published by Schneider Electric


EcoStruxure™ Control Expert - Modicon Communications Server

Modicon Communication Server manages the secured communication configuration between Modicon PAC controllers (M340, M580) and Aveva System Platform. The server embeds the capabilities of the EcoStruxure™ OPC Server Expert (for Modicon Controllers only) to make all the variables selected for the HMI available within the supervision.

Modicon Communication Server ensures that the only information you need to configure is the IP address of the controller (or communications card). The configuration, operation, security and diagnostics are managed within Aveva System Management Console to provide a single location for configuration.

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EcoStruxure™ Control Expert - Modicon Communications Server

Modicon Communication Server


Simplify connection

An important subject for control system support is connecting controllers and supervision system together. Modicon Communication Server simplifies this process by reducing the number of different applications needed to define and manage communications. System Platform Management Console (SMC) contains all the information you require.

Direct data access

Spending time allocating controller information to specific addresses is time consuming. Modicon Communication Server uses OPC Server Expert to transform the controller addresses into names and make it easy to access all the data from the controller.

Security configuration

Risks of cyber attack on control systems is increasing. Modicon Communication Server automatically configures the required security settings to create secure links for your controller communications.

Control Expert integration

In future versions, Modicon Communication Server will link directly to EcoStruxure™ Control Expert. It will read the configuration of all controllers and devices and automatically make their data securely available within Aveva System Platform.
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