Smart glasses VPS 19

Smart glasses software for remote maintenance
Published by Viewpointsystem GmbH


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Bi-directional communication
The VPS 19 connects on-site users and experts at other locations via audio and video as well as digital content.

Works in nearly all lighting conditions
The VPS 19 offers groundbreaking application flexibility. The VPS 19 can be used in dark indoor spaces as well as outside daylight without the need for additional calibration.

Superb for remote support
You don’t have to be on-site to share visual information with the person wearing the VPS 19. Comments such as notes, text, information and more can be sent from anywhere to the Smart Unit display.

Extremely lightweight glasses with only 43 grams
The VPS 19 offers unprecedented versatility thanks to its extreme lightness. They can easily be worn for very long periods of time without disturbing or tiring out the wearer and has won over users with maximum flexibility and stability during movements.

Appealing design for social acceptance
Smart Glasses are only as good as they are accepted by the employees. The VPS 19 is ahead of any other available system in this regard, as it is popular among wearers thanks to its stylish design. They look good on, don’t tire you out and actually feel like a pair of standard glasses.

Eye protection compliant with EN 166
Safety eyewear for professional use must have a marking according to EN 166, established by the EU. This standard sets out the general requirements for personal eye protection, e.g. areas of application, types of eye protection, design of glasses, etc. Therefore, the VPS 19 is not only one of the most advanced Smart Glasses in the world, but also certified professional safety eyewear.

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