Smart glasses VPS 19

Smart glasses software for remote maintenance
Published by Viewpointsystem GmbH


Smart glasses VPS 19 for remote maintenance

Your industry now has a new out of the box solution for interpretation-free communication. Consider improving your competitiveness through outstanding remote support via live streaming (video & voice) including the gaze point, a new level of employee training, etc. Shorten downtime, improve the standard of know-how transfer and reduce your carbon footprint and costs by avoiding unnecessary travel.
  • No further infrastructure is required
  • No additional costs
  • Quick Return on Investment
  • All you need is a highly precise system that functions under nearly all lighting conditions and can be worn comfortably without restrictions: meet the VPS 19!

    Ideal for:

  • Remote support
  • Know-how management
  • Quality control
  • Training & education
  • Pre-delivery inspections (PDIs)
  • Maintenance process documentation as video instead of manual
  • Factory acceptance tests
  • Workplace organization (ergonomics and safety)
  • Smart glasses VPS 19

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