Push data from your SCADAPack using MQTT
Published by Gen7 Systems


  • Supercharge your data
  • Payload formats
  • Supported devices

Supercharge your data

The ScadaSuite MQTT application has a number of features to convert your SCADAPack RTU into an IoT edge device.
  • Flexible and configurable mapping of Modbus registry to MQTT tags, includes configurable tag names.
  • Publish data on a schedule (periodically) or on exception, when a value is out of range.
  • Publish data on demand, when something interesting happens in another program.
  • Publish high resolution data, as fast as once per second.
  • Payload formats

    • The ability to publish standard MQTT tags, JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) format or Cirrus Logic's Sparkplug B format.
    • The ability to subscribe to changes when using the Sparkplug B format. Subscribing using tags or JSON is not supported.
    • Publish historic (timestamped) data from datalogs when using the Sparkplug B format.

    Supported devices

    Works with all Schneider Electric 300 Series SCADAPack RTUs that have an ethernet port, including SCADAPack 350, 357, 334, and 330.
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