Food traceability software for factory automation
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F&B software to connect and empower workers to drive performance

With Poka application, factory workers use tablets directly at their workstations to instantly access standard work instructions, to solve problems independently, to learn continuously, and to communicate & collaborate with one another in real-time. The result is a more skilled, versatile and efficient workforce that is connected, empowered and autonomous.

By connecting frontline workers with Poka application, production leaders and corporate stakeholders in health & safety, quality, and HR gain greater visibility into what’s happening on the factory floor and a better way to track and enforce global standards and compliance. Poka application is an essential part of the Business Continuity responses of leading digital manufacturers including Schneider Electric, ABB, Danone, Kraft, Tyson and Mars.

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Develop and manage workforce skills to maximize coverage and versatility

Connect employees to solve problems in real-time and share important updates

Give workers access to the information they need, when they need it


Solve problems faster

By digitally connecting workers and empowering them to efficiently share knowledge and collaborate to solve problems resulting in less equipment downtime and optimal productivity.

Apply best practices and work to standard

By making SOPs accessible and easy to understand, Poka customers have reported 9% reduction in waste, 64% reduction in non-conformities, and 66% improvement in line start-up time.

Reduce training costs and time

Poka customers have reduced the traditional shadowing period for new operators by as much as 40% by making work instructions easily accessible to workers, right at their workstations.

Support physical distancing measures

Reduce the need for in-person meetings and interaction by supporting digital communication and collaboration, as well as remote training.

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