Fetch Data Collector

Data Collector for Ewon Flexy
Published by MAC Solutions (UK) Ltd


Universal data collector for Ewon Flexy
Fetch Data Collector is a software package designed specifically for Ewon Flexy devices that makes data collection from Schneider Electric devices easier, faster and more secure than ever. The software collects historical data from the data storage memory within Ewon Flexy. Fetch can be configured in an easy three-step process with minimum technical knowledge required and minimal configuration within each Ewon Flexy device.

Fetch Data Collector enables customers to log data from critical assets and equipment in real-time (every 10 seconds over the internet), providing data for alarms and early notifications of any equipment or process issues.

Whilst maintaining the highest levels of data security using HTTPS encryption, Fetch Data Collector can connect to any number of remote machines via the Ewon Flexy device and Talk2M Remote-Connectivity Cloud. Alternatively, Fetch Data Collector can be configured to collect data on a local basis, from locally connected Ewon Flexy devices.

Fetch Data Collector


Data collection support for all PLCs
Ewon Flexy allows data connectivity to PLCs including Schneider Electric, Siemens, Allen Bradley, Omron, Mitsubishi and more using the free of charge built-in drivers.
Data independence
Don't lose your raw machine data to analytical platforms.
Centralised configuration
Single software application schedules data collection from all your machines around the world.
No data gaps
Advanced store-forward technology prevents data loss.
Ease of use
Time to data = less than 5 minutes!