Hybrid DCS Template Library for Electrical Motors with Intelligent Starters

HDCS templates for ATV-310, ATV-340 and TesysTE


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This HDCS template library consists of the following 3 templates which can be used with Schneider Electric EcoStruxure™ Hybrid DCS for automation in batch and continuous process applications, typically in specialty chemicals, consumer products, food & beverages and pharma industries.

Compatible with: EcoStruxure™ Hybrid DCS R2 and onwards

Tesys T Relay operated motor template
  • For operation of a motor through Tesys T Intelligent Relay, templates “$TesysTE” and “$TesysTEFast” are provided in the General Purpose Library.

“$TesysTE” template
  • The original “$TesysTE” template requires 64 input words in the inputs variable and 5 output words in the outputs variable. This limits the number of Tesys T relays that can be connected using normal I/O scanning on M-580 NOC card to less than 30. We have updated the “$TesysTE” template, wherein we have limited the number of read/write variables count extensively thus increasing the number of Tesys T Relays that can be connected using normal I/O scanning on M-580 NOC card to about 50.
“$TesysTEFast” template
  • The “$TesysTEFast” template in the General Purpose Library with Fast I/O scanning has limited (seven) variables, but does not have the most important motor current variable. We have modified the template so as to include 10 important variables including current and avoid loading the NOC with unimportant motor data.
Variable frequency drives ATV-310/340 template
  • HDCS General Purpose Library does not have templates for ATV-310/340 VFDs. Supertech has developed the template for these VFDs with communication on Modbus serial.
Hardware compatibility
  • This library is compatible with the following hardware platforms:

  • - Quantum
  • - Premium
  • - M340
  • - M580
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