Hybrid DCS Template Library for Electrical Motors with Conventional Starters

Motor templates with local/remote selection


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This HDCS template library consists of the following 3 templates which can be used with Schneider Electric EcoStruxure™ Hybrid DCS for automation in batch and continuous process applications, typically in specialty chemicals, consumer products, food & beverages and pharma industries.

Compatible with: EcoStruxure™ Hybrid DCS R2 and onwards

Electrical Motor Template (3DI, 1DO)
  • This template is similar to “$Motor” template available in the HDCS General Purpose Library. In the original template, motor is turned on even in the simulation mode. Local/remote switch is considered in the MCC panel or field. In our template, motor is not turned on in the simulation mode.
Electrical Motor Template with Local / Remote Selection (2DI, 2DO)
  • This template is similar as the previous template. Additionally, this template has a provision for local/remote selection from the DCS by a soft switch.
Electrical Motor Template with Feeder Functionality (6DI, 2DO)
  • This template provides additional feeder information, such as feeder power-on and other permissive for interlocking like Emergency push-button feedback.
Hardware platform compatibility
  • This HDCS Template library is compatible with the following hardware platforms:
  • - Quantum
  • - Premium
  • - M340
  • - M580
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