HMI Designs for EcoStruxure™ Edge Control Software

Design and build services for graphic elements and full interface visualizations
Published by TechiesEC


Advanced graphic design services

Outsource your design and HMI development with this customized graphic design service. Our services focus on improving the visualization and interface with EcoStruxure™ Power Monitoring Expert and EcoStruxure™ Building Operation.

TechiesEC main objective is to deliver high-quality, world-class interface in all our projects. We believe that the graphical interface is the most important part in the execution of a project .Our solutions are aimed at satisfying the needs of Ecoxpert’s focusing on: 

  • 2D illustrations
  • 3D modeling & isometrics illustrations
  • Libraries for segments
  • One Line diagrams
  • + 9 more

    HMI Designs for EcoStruxure™ Edge Control Software


    Floor with datacenter

    Shrimp pool


    Map of location

    On-Line Diagram

    Distribution diagram

    3d modeling

    Isometric View of Substation

    3d modeling

    Shopping center 3d modeling


    Save time

    We save you time in starting up your projects.

    Deliver a high quality diagrams

    We work closely with EcoXpert's so they can deliver a high quality graphics.

    The libraries can be used in all projects

    We tailor your libraries so you can re-use graphics across more projects.
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