SIGNL4 – Instant Mobile Alerting

Reliable mobile alerting for operational teams
Published by Derdack GmbH


  • Reliable mobile alerting
  • Rich and augmented alerts
  • Duty and shift management
  • Anywhere collaboration
  • Integrate with ease

Reliable mobile alerting

SIGNL4 delivers alerts reliably and persistently via push, SMS text and voice calls with tracking and acknowledgement. It escalates alerts automatically to managers or co-workers in case of no response.
Reliable mobile alerting
  • SIGNL4 focuses on the essence of critical alerting and service dispatching. It has been especially designed for critical operations and features, for instance a native ‘darkmode’. It is lightweight but very effective. SIGNL4 is a modern B2B app – visual and easy to use.
No missing alerts
  • SIGNL4 persistently notifies your team members on duty by push, text and voice call until an alert is acknowledged and confirmed by a single or multiple persons. If there is no response within a certain time (“target response time”), team managers will be notified automatically.
Tracking and ownership
  • SIGNL4 provides alert ownership transparency. Alert confirmations and annotations are visible in real-time throughout the entire team which avoids wasting of time and follow-up on who takes care of what.
Unique alert configuration
  • SIGNL4 provides an unrivaled notification experience:
  • - Define the sequence of push, text and voice calls
  • - Choose the ringtone that is most effective
  • - Enable persistent notification for your team and select the proper channel
  • - Override the hardware mute button on your iPhone

Rich and augmented alerts

You can customize SIGNL4 to meet your individual alerting needs and to create actionable alerts. Personalization options make SIGNL4 even more powerful. You can enrich your alerts with great content including text parameters, images, sound files, web links and maps.
Rich and augmented alerts
  • Use the open APIs to deliver your content
  • Use the built-in capabilities to augment alerts with text, color, icon, maps and push sound

Duty and shift management

Conveniently schedule your team’s shifts and on-call duties from any web browser and with a few mouse-clicks and drag&drop. SIGNL4 scheduling covers any scenario. It comes with minimum staffing level monitoring and post-shift reports for a digital hand-over.

Team members can go on and off duty with a single touch. The SIGNL4 duty assistant reminds on duty hand-overs. All hours spent on duty are automatically logged and reported. Once users checked in for duty, alerts are automatically routed to them. If they are not on duty, they won’t get alerted.
Duty and shift management

Anywhere collaboration

SIGNL4 provides a unique incident-related mobile chat-ops feature for anywhere collaboration. Each alert creates a persistent chat room and team members chat and share annotations in real-time. This means everybody can contribute from anywhere to solving a critical problem or incident.
Anywhere collaboration

Integrate with ease

SIGNL4 integrates seamlessly with hundreds of applications. Additionally, each team has an associated, dedicated email address you can use to raise alerts, or use the webhook or REST API to connect any system.
Integrate with ease
Email (SMTP)
  • Each team in SIGNL4 gets a dedicated email address. Simply send an email to this address to notify an entire team or team members on duty.
Inbound webhook
  • Alert notifications can be sent to your SIGNL4 team via a webhook. The inbound webhook supports JSON payloads to pass parameters for customizing and enriching alerts.
Outbound webhook
  • SIGNL4 can notify your apps and services on events (duty status change, acknowledgements, etc) by calling external webhooks. Your webhook endpoint URLs can be registered either in the SIGNL4 account management or through the REST API.
  • Developers can implement additional functionality or seamlessly integrate existing services with SIGNL4.
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