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PLC static code analysis tool
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Tool for audits, code reviews, compliance, and controlling program quality
PLC Checker (now known as EcoStruxure™ Control Engineering - Verification) is a static analysis tool which automatically analyses PLC programs and comprehensively verifies their compliance with a set of coding rules, that can be generic or specific to an industry, process, or norm. It also provides a collaborative environment online which allows all project stakeholders to follow the progress of their program's development.

Using PLC Checker replaces the need for manual verification tests, which take a considerable amount of time and might not provide the level of quality, required. Thanks to PLC Checker, it is now possible to systematically adopt coding standards while ensuring a certain robustness and readability of the application.

PLC Checker is available for a number of different PLC types from Schneider Electric, Siemens, CoDeSys, Rockwell Automation and more. For the full list of supported PLCs, see the features page.

PLC Checker

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