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PLC program maintenance, code review, audit or code debugging
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PLC DocGen
PLC DocGen (now known as EcoStruxureâ„¢ Control Engineering - Documentation) is an automatic documentation generation tool for PLC programs which allows the generation of flowcharts, the calculation of metrics, and the generation of dependency trees.

The tool is useful for new projects as the documentation can be generated directly from the program, thus ensuring the coherence between the program and its documentation. The tool can also be used for reverse-engineering, to help a user quickly understand the software architecture of an installed base.

Use PLC DocGen for maintenance, impact analysis, code review, audit, and code debugging. PLC DocGen is available for a number of different PLC types from Schneider Electric, Siemens, CoDeSys, Rockwell Automation and more. For the full list of supported PLCs, see the features page.

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PLC DocGen

PLC DocGen Data Flow view - see the relations between variables