Hybrid DCS Template Library for Material Charging and Transfer

Template for material charging & transfer from single to multiple sources and destinations


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This HDCS Template library consists of 3 templates which can be used with Schneider Electric EcoStruxureâ„¢ Hybrid DCS for automation in batch and continuous process applications, typically in specialty chemicals, consumer products, food & beverages and pharma industries.

Compatible with: EcoStruxureâ„¢ Hybrid DCS R2 and onwards
Charging of Material and Transfer of Material Template
  • This template is used for the charging/discharging and transferring liquid raw materials from 1-32 sources to 1-32 destinations. Transferring is done by pumps and cut-off by on-off valves with pneumatic actuators. Measurement is done by mass flow meters or load cell based tank weighing systems on loss of weight or gain in weight basis.
  • - Charging/discharging from 1 storage tank to up to 32 day tanks, weigh tanks, reactors, blenders and more
  • - Charging/discharging from 32 storage tanks to 1 blender
  • - Charging/discharging from 1 storage tank to 1 reactor
  • - Transferring from up to 32 source locations to up to 32 destinations through header
Hardware platform compatibility
  • This HDCS Template library is compatible with the following hardware platforms:
  • - Quantum
  • - Premium
  • - M340
  • - M580
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