DevisionX AI Quality Inspection System

Deep Vision system for manufacturers
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Improve your product quality and increase ROI

DevisionX offers quality inspection system using Machine Vision technologies and AI, to solve your quality challenges in the manufacturing process. Our system can be deployed in industries, such as pharmaceutical, automotive, plastics, food & beverage, printing, textiles and more.

DevisionX is helping manufacturers automate quality inspection processes with real time data management. The solution analyzes unused large amounts of data with AI and turns it into useful insights, supporting business goals and increasing ROI.

How does it work?
Step 1 : Image Capturing: The camera captures images of the defects.
Step 2:  Processing: Our AI technology analyzes the captured images to be able to classify, count, segment, verify, and gauge defected samples.
Step 3:  Action: Based on the Step 2 processing analysis, the system can take an action such as stopping the machine or sounding an a alarm.

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DevisionX AI Quality Inspection System

Food & Beverage Inspection

Textile Inspection

Packaging Inspection


High accuracy

Using Deep learning Technology make the system flexible for many tasks and trained by itself through the vision output.


Using Machine Vision Technology for Automating the quality inspection process with Real Time data management and reporting based on quality standards.

Better quality & Increase in ROI

Applying Quality inspection solutions will save time and decrease operational cost of rework. By by adding AI to the system, accuracy will be increased meaning better quality and increase ROI.
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