Caneco BT

Software for automated design of low voltage electrical installations
Published by ALPI


Software for automated calculations, sizing and diagrams of low voltage electrical installations

Caneco BT is a leading calculation software in Europe for automated design of low voltage electrical installations. Our solution builds on ALPI’s 30 years of experience in software development.

The tool addresses all the specific requirements in electrical engineering, including:

  • Calculation and sizing
  • Schematics
  • Automated cabinet layout
  • Costing of materials to design and operate complete projects.
  • We also provide tailored certifying trainings on Caneco BT.

    Caneco BT


    Quality and compliance
    Avoid time-consuming entries and reduce the risk of errors.Integrates 17 international standards (NFC 15-100, HD 384, IEC 60364, etc.) into its calculation engine, along with maritime and direct current standards.
    Time saving
    Reduce the duration of the design phases with simplified data entry and automated production of documentation.
    Cost reduction
    The calculation engine automatically performs the most economical sizing in compliance with the applicable standards.
    Tailored to global markets
    Allows international projects to be designed thanks to manufacturer material catalogues tailored to each country and to multi-standard, multi-language options (7 languages), including printing of documents.
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