Crosser Intelligent Edge

Analytics and edge computing
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Real-time streaming analytics and edge computing close to where data is generated

The Crosser Edge node is a software platform where the actual processing of sensor data is executed, close to the data source.

Using our Crosser Flow Studio tool, build data processing flows, using a graphical editor and then deploy these flows onto a number of Edge nodes. At the core of each Edge node is Crosser's in-house developed real-time streaming analytics engine. The Edge node software is deployed as a Docker container and runs on any host that supports Docker.

Crosser introduced a strategy for "Bring your own AI" to enhance the Edge Intelligence in Industrial IoT, giving customers full freedom to deploy their favourite machine learning framework on our platform.

Typical use cases include remote condition monitoring, predictive maintenance, machine/asset data to cloud, vision based quality inspection, secure sensor tag separation, deployment of AI and machine learning models, as well as many more.

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Crosser Intelligent Edge

Crosser Flow Studio - Data Flow Design Tool

Crosser Edge Director - Provisioning, Deployment and mass-Configuration of Edge nodes

Crosser Edge Dashboard - Overview and Management of all deployed Edge nodes


Low learning curve

Move seamlessly from pilot to production roll-out. We want to accelerate innovation by lowering the bar and move the innovation power from the Coders to the Clickers, no coding skills needed.

You can bring your own AI

No other platform offers the ability to integrate 3rd party ML frameworks in a Visual Flow. This gives you unlimited flexibility to innovate and optimize your business.

Low TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)

By simplifying the design phase and automating the provisioning, deployment, configuration and software updates you will spend more time innovating and less time maintaining and managing.
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