Consultancy on Predictive Analytics & Machine Learning

We translate your business need into a Data Science need
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Areas of Consultancy

We provide consultancy service on intelligence and process excellence solutions for Data Science as-a-Service, Enterprise AI, Big Data, Industry 4.0, and Industrial IoT. We can visualize the steps and guarantee the success of the project.

For example in Data Science as-a-Service, we can support clients' complex process with the "best practice" in data mining, text mining, machine learning, and the statistical analysis. We then propose targeted recommendations such as Predictive Models or Advanced Analytics.
Areas of Consultancy

Training Courses

Since 2015, more than 80 courses have been added to our catalog. They are updated every year and new ones are coming up as well. The most valuable resource of a company resides in each person who composes it. Dynacentrix focuses all its energy to raise the competence of client teams.
Our training courses include the following fields: statistics, data science AI / ML, IOT, Big Data, Cloud tools, and continuous process improvement.
Training Courses
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