OPC Server for Building Operations

Building Operation OPC server
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OPC UA/DA Server for (EcoStruxure™ Building Operation

The EBO-OPC server utilizes Schneider Electric’s SmartConnector system, to connect EBO (EcoStruxure™ Building Operation) data with any system that supports OPC (Open Platform Communications) client functionality.

Only when the value changes in the EBO system, is the information pushed by the EBO to the OPC server, and then to the OPC client system.

Most Building Management System (BMS), and SCADA systems support OPC client functionality, making the connection seemless.

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OPC Server for Building Operations

OPC UA client

Working as a Windows service

Working with certificates for better security


Using OPC UA for better security
OPC UA has a specification that describes security threats and attacks and how the OPC UA standard is designed to mitigate these threats and attacks. OPC UA has security related functionality in its specification. The security features of OPC UA were designed to be easily enhanced as security standards improve without having to make changes to applications.