Report Template Builder

Automate analytics and compliance report templates
Published by Schneider Electric


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Zero programming required

Define the content of the report template from a simple XML file instead of programming complex queries, and start generating reports in minutes.

Leverage and extend the Wonderware Historian capabilities

Leverage built-in analytics capabilities from Wonderware Historian to get calculations like integral, average, standard deviation, minimum, maximum, etc, without having to call APIs or querying the database.

Easily determine and highlight the values which are out of the expected boundaries.

The Wonderware Historian capability public groups can be used while defining the report contents. Such metadata are used to avoid addressing specific tags from the report definition and enables reusing the same configuration for multiple equipment units, or automation systems.

Generate adjusted templates on top of Wonderware Historian

The user can adjust the generated report template to the specific needs with the regular reporting services. The automation engineers can discover how to retrieve data from Wonderware Historian and show them with Microsoft SSRS.
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