Hive Optimal

Automated HVAC control software for increased energy efficiency & comfort


Automated HVAC control Software using AI
BeeBryte is generating 10 to 40% savings on utility bills with automated control of heating-cooling equipment in commercial buildings & factories. Our solution comes as a SaaS together with a 4G IoT Gateway (the "Box"). There is no upfront cost for our clients. Our revenue model is based on shared savings.
Our Box connects to existing building automation systems (BMS) using standard communication protocols like Modbus & Bacnet. The technology combines a patented real-time optimization technique, proprietary trading algorithms, cloud computing and predictive analytics to offer dynamic energy services fully integrated to the Internet of Things. By anticipating changes in weather conditions, building occupancy business activity thanks to AI... our solution continually adjusts the HVAC setpoints not only to run the process in a more efficient way but also to extract additional value like power peak shaving and price arbitrage if our customer is exposed to variable electricity rates.

Hive Optimal


Up to 40% HVAC cost savings
Better temperature management
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